Understanding Adolescence in African Contexts 


This series of podcasts explore the question of adolescence in African contexts. They are part of the ongoing work of the 5-year, UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund Hub, Accelerating Achievement for Africa's Adolescents, hosted by the University of Oxford and the University of Cape Town. The podcasts were recorded during a three-day workshop on the theme of Understanding Adolescence in African Contexts, hosted at Rhodes House in Oxford. These podcasts are part of the innovation strand of the Hub's work, which will co-ordinate further workshops over the coming years, seeking to challenge and extend the ideas that underpin research on adolescence in Africa.



This podcast hosts a discussion reflecting on the meeting points between narrative and adolescence.

This podcast explores the relationship between performance and selfhood in adolescent lives.

This podcast addresses the role of care in adolescence in African contexts.

This podcast explores the impact of violence in the lives of young people, both in African contexts and beyond.