The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) research project of the Accelerate Hub works directly with adolescents to co-develop research priorities and methods that are responsive to adolescent development-related needs and interests. TAG work is guided by principles of meaningful inclusion of adolescents at all stages of the research cycle. This work is grounded in participatory and emancipatory methodologies. This video features footage from camps with TAG in Western Cape, South Africa and Kisumu, Kenya. Previous TAGs were based in Uganda and Sierra Leone.


AIDS 2022: Intimate partner violence (02 August 2022) Interview with NAM.

Professor Lucie Cluver talks tabout violence and HIV at AIDS 2022. The abstract titled “Impacts of intimate partner violence and sexual violence on antiretroviral adherence among adolescents living with HIV in South Africa” was presented during the conference held in Geneva.


The Accelerate Hub COVID-19 Webinar Series

At the beginning of 2020, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Accelerate Hub started running a series of webinars to speak to our research and what others in our network were learning during this uncertain time sharing how we can adapt and innovate together.