ParentApp Team Launch Pan-African User Testing

Jul 29th 2021

In early May, the ParentApp team released a re-designed beta version of the app to more than 20 families across Africa who are participating in a user testing piloting. ParentApp is an Android app version of the PLH Sinovuyo Teen programme that aims to increase the availability of parenting support for vulnerable families at scale. The new design delivers an engaging 12-week online parenting programme via weekly workshops, on-demand resources, and a fun habit-tracking tool. Participants’ feedback, shared through a series of online surveys and in-depth interviews, is used to assess the usability, acceptability and satisfaction of the new design amongst target users. Participants have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the content. The developers are using the feedback to improve the user experience as the team gear up to pilot ParentApp in South Africa in collaboration with CWBSA, the South African Department of Social Development and local implementing partners. 

“We’re having a good time together; we have one-on-one time; we chat; we talk; we do a lot of things together and so many activities because of what I was able to learn from the app. So, that now gives me the opportunity to relate well with the kids.”  — ParentApp User Tester