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Optimising engagement in a digital parenting intervention to prevent violence against adolescents in Tanzania: protocol for a cluster randomised factorial trial | BMC Public Health (2023)

Authors: Roselinde Janowski, Ohad Green, Yulia Shenderovich, David Stern, Lily Clements, Joyce Wamoyi, Mwita Wambura, Jamie M. Lachman, G. J. Melendez-Torres, Frances Gardner, Lauren Baerecke, ...

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The climate crisis and violence against children | The Lancet child and adolescent health (2023)

Authors: Jorge Cuartas, Amiya Bhatia, Daniel Carter, Lucie Cluver, Carolina Coll, Catherine E Draper, Elizabeth Donger, Frances Gardner, Hernando Grueso, Bess Herbert, Jamie Lachman, Najat ...

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Associations of formal childcare use with health and human capital development for adolescent mothers and their children in South Africa: A cross-sectional study | Child: care, health and development (2023)

Authors: Lucie Cluver, Janina Jochim, Yolanda Mapukata, Camille Wittesaele, Yulia Shenderovich, Sandisiwe Mafuya, Kathryn Steventon Roberts, Bolade Banougnin, Lorraine Sherr, Elona Toska

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Adaptation and validation of the Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire-R2 for a national study of child maltreatment in Australia | Child Abuse & Neglect (2023)

Authors: Ben Mathews a b, Franziska Meinck, Holly E. Erskine, Nam Tran, Ha Lee, Karen Kellard, Rosana Pacella , James G. Scott, David Finkelhor, Daryl ...

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Understanding accelerators to improve SDG-related outcomes for adolescents – an investigation into the nature and quantum of additive effects of protective factors to guide policy making | PLOS One (2023)

Authors: Lorraine Sherr, Katharina Haag , Mark Tomlinson , William E. Rudgard, Sarah Skeen, Franziska Meinck, Stefani M. Du Toit, Kathryn J. Steventon Roberts, Sarah ...

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Achieving the health and well-being Sustainable Development Goals among adolescent mothers and their children in South Africa: Cross-sectional analyses of a community-based mixed HIV-status cohort | PLOS One (2022)

Authors: Elona Toska, Wylene Saal, Jenny Chen Charles, Camille Wittesaele, Nontokozo Langwenya, Janina Jochim, Kathryn J. Steventon Roberts, Jason Anquandah, Boladé Hamed Banougnin, Christina Laurenzi, ...

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