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Being ALHIV: What do we know about adolescents living with HIV in South Africa I HSRC (2021)

Author contributions: Louise Gordon and Prof. Lucie Cluver wrote the foreword to the book and the work of A/Prof. Elona Toska, Dr Lesley Gittings, and ...

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Effectiveness of cash-plus programmes on early childhood outcomes compared to cash transfers alone: A systematic review and meta-analysis in low- and middle-income countries | PLoS Medicine (2021)

Authors: Madison Little, Dr Keetie Roelen, Dr Brittany Lange, Dr Janina Steinert, Dr Alexa Yakubovich, Prof Lucie Cluver, and Dr David Humphreys. 

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Adolescent motherhood and HIV in South Africa: Examining prevalence of common mental disorder | AIDS and Behavior (2021)

Authors: Kathryn Roberts, Dr Colette Smith, Prof Lucie Cluver, Dr Elona Toska, Siyanai Zhou, Prof Mark Boyes, and Prof Lorraine Sherr. 

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Preventing child mental health problems in southeastern Europe: Feasibility study (phase 1 of MOST framework) I Family Process (2021)

Authors: Dr Elena Jansen, Dr Inga Frantz, Prof Judy Hutchings, Dr Jamie Lachman, Dr Margiad Williams, Dr Diana Taut, Prof Adriana Baban, Prof Marija Raleva, Galina Lesco, Prof Cathy Ward, Prof Frances ...

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Facing the quality of life: physical illness, anxiety, and depression symptoms among people living with HIV in rural Zambia – a cross-sectional study | Aids Care (2021)

Authors: David Chipanta, Prof Heidi Stöckl, Dr Elona Toska, Dr Jason Mwanza, Patrick Chanda, Kelly Kaila, Chisangu Matome, Gelson Tembo, Dr Janne Estill, and Prof ...

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Global minimum estimates of children affected by COVID-19-associated orphanhood and deaths of caregivers: a modeling study I The Lancet (2021)

Authors: Dr Susan D Hillis, H Juliette T Unwin, Yu Chen, Prof. Lucie Cluver, Prof. Lorraine Sherr, Philip S Goldman, Oliver Ratmann, Prof. Christl A ...

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