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Facing the quality of life: physical illness, anxiety, and depression symptoms among people living with HIV in rural Zambia – a cross-sectional study | Aids Care (2021)

Authors: David Chipanta, Prof Heidi Stöckl, Dr Elona Toska, Dr Jason Mwanza, Patrick Chanda, Kelly Kaila, Chisangu Matome, Gelson Tembo, Dr Janne Estill, and Prof ...

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Global minimum estimates of children affected by COVID-19-associated orphanhood and deaths of caregivers: a modeling study I The Lancet (2021)

Authors: Susan D Hillis, H Juliette T Unwin, Yu Chen, Prof Lucie Cluver,Prof Lorraine Sherr, Philip S Goldman, Oliver Ratmann, Prof Christl A Donnelly, Prof ...

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‘Now my life is stuck!’: Experiences of adolescents and young people during COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa I Global Public Health (2021)

Authors: Lesley Gittings, Elona Toska, Sally Medley, Lucie Cluver, Carmen H. Logie, Nokubonga Ralayo, Jenny Chen & Jane Mbithi-Dikgole

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Relationships with caregivers and mental health outcomes among adolescents living with HIV: A prospective cohort study in South Africa. | BMC Public Health (2021)

Authors: Yulia Shenderovich, Mark Boyes, Michelle Degli Esposti, Marisa Casale, Elona Toska, Kathryn J Roberts, Lucie Cluver

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What Research Questions Should the Next Generation of Birth Cohort Studies Address? An International Delphi Study of Experts I Global Public Health (2021)

Authors: Ruth Harriet Brown, Manuel Eisner, Sara Valdebenito, Susan Walker, Mark Tomlinson, Claire Hughes, Catherine L Ward, Joseph Osafo, Siham Sikander, Pasco Fearon, Michael P ...

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Food Should not be Forgotten: Impacts of Combined Cash Transfer Receipt and Food Security on Child Education and Cognition in South Africa and Malawi | Aids and Behavior (2021)

Authors: Prof Lorraine Sherr, Dr Kathryn J Roberts, Prof Mark Tomlinson, Dr Sarah Skeen, Dr Helen Mebrahtu, Dr Sarah Gordon, Stefani du Toit, Katharina Haag, ...

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