Teen Advisory Groups (TAG)

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TAG Mural

Image summary (left to right): The left side shows water being poured into hands. This water is a metaphor, born from a group experience of ...

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‘Now my life is stuck!’: Experiences of adolescents and young people during COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa I Global Public Health (2021)

Authors: Dr Lesley Gittings, A/Prof. Elona Toska, Sally Medley, Prof. Lucie Cluver, A/Prof. Carmen H. Logie, Nokubonga Ralayo, Jenny Chen, and Jane Mbithi-Dikgole

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Health service experiences of South African adolescents and healthcare workers during COVID-19 I IAS (2021)

Authors: Lesley Gittings, Jane Kelly, Elona Toska, Nokubonga Ralayo, Charné Glinski, Hlokoma Mangqalaza, Sally Medley, Christina Laurenzi, Jenny Chen, Lucie Cluver, Nontokozo Langwenya, Lulama Sidloyi, ...

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Finding young voices: Lessons learnt from remote research with adolescents and young people living with or closely affected by HIV in South Africa during the time of COVID-19 I IAS (2021)

Authors: Lesley Gittings, Nokubonga Ralayo, Elona Toska, Sally Medley, Hlokoma Mangqalaza, Jenny Chen, AngeliqueThomas, Wylene Saal, Jane Kelly, Nabeel Petersen, Lucie Cluver, Carmen Logie

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Alien Time Capsules: An online participatory- and art-based approach
 I NVivo (2020)

Authors: Dr Lesley Gittings, Nabeel Petersen, A/Prof. Elona Toska , Sally Medley, Nokubonga Ralayo , Nosiphiwo Lawrence, Prof. Lucie Cluver, A/Prof. Carmen Logie, Jenny Chen, ...

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Nothing about us without us! I Interest 2020

Authors: Dr Lesley Gittings, Nokubonga Ralayo, Nabeel Petersen, A/Prof. Elona Toska, Sally Medley, Diana Ocholla, and Prof. Lucie Cluver Adolescent advisory groups in the Eastern ...

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