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Posted on Sep 2nd 2022

The International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2022 will be held in Cape Town from the 5th – 6th October. ...

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We are presenting at the 24th International AIDS Conference, IAS 2022

Posted on Jul 28th 2022

Our team will be presenting e-posters, poster exhibitions, and discussion sessions with Q&A segments at this year’s International AIDS Conference ...

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Opening school doors to pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers: What is needed to best support their education? (2021)

Posted on Mar 1st 2022

Authors: Janina Jochim and Ilana Zelmanovitz Axelrod “Take them [adolescent mothers] to Robben Island or any other island, sit there, ...

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ParentApp Team Launch Pan-African User Testing

Posted on Jul 29th 2021

In early May, the ParentApp team released a re-designed beta version of the app to more than 20 families across ...

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Alan Pifer 2020 Award awarded to Prof Cathy Ward | UCT News

Posted on Jul 14th 2021

Prof Cathy Ward was awarded the prestigious Alan Pifer Award for 2020, in honour of her work on the Parenting ...

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Parenting for Lifelong Health: COVID-19 (2020)

Posted on Jun 22nd 2021

Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) provides open-source and evidence-based playful parenting resources to support parents and caregivers during the COVID-19 ...

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A new vehicle to accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2019)

Posted on May 12th 2020

The next global priorities are to find accelerator synergies for the SDGs, appraise cost-effectiveness, provide pragmatic objectives with high value ...

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New evidence from Oxford University proves that the work of UN agencies is effective (2019)

Posted on Mar 13th 2019

Academics led by Professor Lucie Cluver have proven how key services in lower and middle income countries can contribute to multiple sustainable development goals, even for ...

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International Women’s Day 2019: Balance for better (2019)

Posted on Mar 8th 2019

As part of their celebrations for International Women’s Day 2019, UK Research and Innovation have featured Professor Lucie Cluver as one of ...

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£20 Million research hub could help African teens achieve their full potential (2019)

Posted on Jan 22nd 2019

The UK Research and Innovation Council has announced today a long-term initiative which could significantly improve the health and life prospects ...

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